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TuluKoota Kuwait's Successful Garden Cleaning Program

TuluKoota Kuwait, a prominent and a distinguished association in Kuwait, recently conducted a
commendable garden cleaning program on Friday, February 16, 2024, at the picturesque Salmiya Garden in
Kuwait. With a legacy of 24 years of impactful welfare activities and renowned for its commitment to social
welfare, TuluKoota Kuwait has been actively organizing various philanthropic activities benefiting both
Tulunadu and the local community in Kuwait.

Continuing their tradition of contributing to society, TuluKoota Kuwait recently spearheaded the "Garden
Cleaning Program," an endeavor aimed at fostering environmental consciousness, to enhance the living
environment and celebrating the spirit of communal responsibility. Commencing promptly at 6:30 am, this noble initiative saw active participation from TuluKoota Kuwait
members, their families, and children. Despite the cold weather, the enthusiasm and commitment displayed
by the participants were truly commendable.

The event was efficiently coordinated by dynamic and energetic committee members, led by the cultural
secretary of the association Mr. Vijay Wilson Alburqueue. Each committee member contributed their utmost
to the day's task of garden cleaning, ensuring another successful event for TuluKoota Kuwait.
Mr. Abdul Razak Nitte, the current young and proactive President of TuluKoota Kuwait, took a moment to
highlight the significance of the program and emphasized the importance of maintaining a clean and
pristine environment. Mr. Nitte expressed gratitude to Mr. Vijay Wilson Alburqueue for his meticulous
planning and successful initiation of the event. Special thanks were extended to the event sponsor, Al-Mulla
Exchange, as well as the advisors and management committee members for their generous contributions
and unwavering support.

In a heartfelt message, the Program Coordinator extended gratitude to all committee members, their families,
and the enthusiastic children who participated in large numbers ensuring the grand success of the green
initiative. The event not only contributed to a cleaner environment but also fostered a sense of community
spirit and shared responsibility among the participants.