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Tulukoota Kuwait Hosts a Memorable Iftar Koota at Indian School of Excellence, Salmiya

TuluKoota Kuwait, a prominent community organization in Kuwait, proudly hosted a
meaningful Iftar gathering on Thursday, March 21, 2024, at the Indian School of Excellence
in Salmiya. Beginning at 5:00 PM, the event brought together esteemed guests, community
leaders, and members for an evening of reflection, unity, and celebration during the holy
month of Ramadan.

The occasion was graced by distinguished chief guests, Mr. Sharfuddin Soofi, Scholar, and
Motivational Speaker, and representatives of M.A. Hythar Group and Al-Mulla Exchange,
along with notable guests of honor including Mr. Yusuf Rasheed, President of KKMA
Karnataka Wing, Mr. Sathishchandra Shetty, President of Buntara Sangha Kuwait, Mr.
Naveen Mascarenhas, President of KCWA, Mr. Amarnath Suvarna, President of Billava
Sangha Kuwait, Mr. Ananth Mangalagi, President of Kannada Koota Kuwait, and Mr.
Hussain Yerumad, President of KCF, fostering an atmosphere of wisdom, camaraderie, and

Mr. Abdul Razzak, the President of TuluKoota Kuwait, in his welcome speech expressed
gratitude to all guests and participants and stressed the significance of nurturing unity and
harmony within the community, particularly during Ramadan. He underscored,"Our Iftar
koota serves as a platform for fostering bonds of friendship and understanding among our
members, while also celebrating the richness of our cultural heritage."

Dr. Manohar Prabhu, an active member of TuluKoota Kuwait, charismatically hosted the
program. The evening commenced with the rendition of the national anthems of Kuwait and
India, evoking a sense of patriotism. Dr. Manohar Prabhu warmly welcomed all attendees,
inviting the dignitaries to share their perspectives on the significance of Ramadan. The guests
of honor delivered insightful remarks, highlighting Ramadan's importance as a time for
spiritual growth, communal unity, and charitable acts. A special guest Master Mohammed
Alsarraf a student of Kuwait English school delivered a message of Ramadan. The chief
guest of the event Mr. Sharfudding Soofi delivered a talk on “Message of Ramadan”.
Following these inspiring speeches, attendees partook in the breaking of the fast, symbolizing
the unity and shared values that define the spirit of Ramadan. Mr. Sharfuddin Soofi was
honoured by the Tulukoota management committee and advisors for his exemplary
contributions to the community, further enriching the evening's significance.

Mr. Harish Bhandary, general Secretary of TuluKoota Kuwait, extended sincere gratitude to
all esteemed guests, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees whose contributions ensured the
success of the Iftar gathering. Through such initiatives, TuluKoota Kuwait remains dedicated
to fostering unity, diversity, and goodwill within the community, embodying the true essence
of Ramadan and reaffirming the organization's commitment to promoting cultural harmony
and social cohesion.

The event concluded with a delightful dinner, allowing attendees to enjoy delicious dishes
and continue strengthening bonds of friendship and fellowship.